Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Media Maven Andrew Rasiej

We had an outstanding guest lecture in our Interactive Media class by new media maven Andrew Rasiej, who I first met at the 2006 Media Ecology Association convention, where he was a featured speaker (courtesy of our mutual friend, Douglas Rushkoff).

Andrew is a fascinating individual, and if you click on his name above, it will take you to his personal website, where you can find his biography. Just to note some highlights, he started the New York City nightclub Irving Plaza back in 1990, he pioneered making music available online, he was a major advocate for bring computers and the internet to public schools in New York City, he ran for Public Advocate in New York, chaired the Howard Dean Technology Advisory Council for the 2004 primaries, is a consultant for the Democratic Party, and an activist for openness and transparency in politics and government.

Needless to say, the students were impressed. And after his talk was over, I prevailed upon him to sit down for a quick video interview for YouTube, so here it is:

And here are the links that he mentioned in the video, for your convenience:

Personal Democracy



Sunlight Foundation

And once more, here's a heartfelt thank you to Andrew Rasiej for spending time with us and sharing his amazing experiences and valuable insights.

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