Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Silverman's Great Schlep for Obama

So, this video is just too good to pass up. It's funny girl Sarah Silverman exhorting her fellow Jewish-Americans to get their grandparents in Florida to vote for Obama. A warning, though--this contains political content, expletives, and lots of Jewish humor!

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Obama…? He’s pretty much the guy BEST suited to handle affairs for American’s that don’t MAKE money. He’s the lawyer that every great person want’s to be. He’s passionate and driven.

I see this for WHAT American’s really want. We want jobs. Naturally we would like that… ONE would support an entire family. That our jobs are a bit easier, an as stress free as possible.

We also want identity. Healthcare that doesn’t cost 10’s of thousands of dollars to have a few teeth replaced. Or hip replaced, or nose job, or allergies treated; or any of the above.

We also want that inner city people aren’t as overcome by adversity, that they have more positive avenues, more choices.

But the truth is… everyone needs more choices. Even the people with no problems; that live in the middle of no-where.

People have a more serious set of medical problems too. Sickness, disease. Genetic traits.

I think Obama is the guy we should TRY. Cause that’s all we do anyway. HOWEVER; it is completely unsettling that… no matter who ends up in there. No one really believes or has faith in AMERICA. It’s almost like we have to be at war for this to work.

The UN. No one believes in the UN either, and that should be the next important thing for ALL people’s of the EARTH.

Thing’s that upset people. Having their live uprooted by opposite thinking individuals. Sometimes this IS violent. But most of the times it has to do with people’s abilities to cope and how to use their skill sets positively. THESE ARE ADVERSE EFFECTS AND EFFECTIVENESS, levels you might even call them.

Affecting ALL.

I think that we would all want to go anywhere on the earth, be able to cure the worst injuries, and know that our future generations have piece of mind. That the system’s in effect are good ones and that they will last MANY generations.

Why does the one person choose the micro scope, and another choose the telescope and another chooses to see?

I think that the scariest part is… It might be working already.

But when I can hurl hurricane’s and electrify your ass with lightening… that’s going to be the shit.

All I’m saying is… we’ve been lied to. A LOT! And my problem stems with some of the elders. It stems with some of the leaders and the ideology of what we consider to be MAN or maybe what we consider to be right.

And we all have these specifically different traits and talents to utilize. We all branch off into multiple groups interested in similar things that are multiplying.

We are living longer. And we still have the same amount of space.

I think gays and lesbians are a form of SLOWING the process. That mom’s and dad’s getting fixed is a form of reducing.

But… I’m also scary as shit when I’m angry.

Anyway… happy voting.