Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volumizing Ear Relevance

In a previous post, Now Oddcasting, I told you all about my new podcast show, Lance Strate's Ear Relevance, which so far consists of only one episode.  And while I have yet to create a new episode, I was troubled by the fact that the episode I did upload came out at a low volume, even when turned up all the way.  So I used a program called Sound Studio to amplify the recording, albeit at the cost of some distortion.  And I uploaded the new version as episode 1b; episode 1 was uploaded as an MP4a file, and episode 1a in the more widely used, lower quality but smaller in size MP3 format).

And thanks to the embed codes supplied by the good people at, here it is:


Volumizing, I guess I should call that Hair Relevance?

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