Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well, they've been at it again.  My students here at Fordham University, that is.  At blogging.  For this first summer session, which is almost over, I've been teaching our graduate course called Public Communication in Digital Environments (the title and course itself was created by my old colleague and fellow media ecologist, Sue Barnes).  There are only 3 students in the class, but they've been blogging up a storm, with wonderfully substantive posts, so come take a look if you're so inclined:

Thank you for your attention, and we now return you to our regularly scheduled blog, which is already in progress...

...and that's all until next time, see ya then! 


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! Was just discussing blogging as everyday media activism that should be taught with my friend prof Sean Jacobs of the New School (he's also the master mind behind the famous Africa Is a Country blog). He will teach a course on blogging through blogging next semester. I think I will copy you and him. There's something about the publicness & participatory nature of blogging that give weight to thinking and expression, imho.

Lance Strate said...

Thanks! If you haven't seen this, it might be of interest: