Monday, January 24, 2011

Two Views

With the memorial for Christine Nystrom still fresh in our minds, my colleague Janet Sternberg shared a couple of photographs that I thought I would share with you all here.  The first, in glorious black and white, is from the first Media Ecology Association convention in 2000.  I'm on the left, Chris Nystrom in the middle, and yes, that's Camille Paglia on the right:

And traveling further back in time, this shot is from an annual meeting of the New York State Communication Association, back in 1991.  Actually, back then it was the New York State Speech Communication Association.  We changed the name, on my suggestion, back in 1997.  Anyway, here we are:

Of course, that's Chris seated on the left, with Neil Postman to the right of her, and me (man do I look young) to the right of him, and Bill Petkanas seated all the way on the right.  Standing, from left to right, are Bob Albrecht, Paul Thaler, Gene Secunda, Janet Sternberg, Sal Fallica, Missy Alexander, Thom Gencarelli, and Casey Lum. 

Those were the days, my friend...

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