Friday, April 15, 2011

Go the Distance for Autism

If you feel so inclined, at this sacred time of year, we are looking for donations in support of my daughter's school, EPIC, which is devoted to serving children with autism.  You can make a gift directly from my daughter's "Go the Distance for Autism" Donation page (and any amount is welcome).

Here's a picture of her, on the right, from that page:

And here's the little write-up that appears with it, written on behalf of my daughter:

I can not ride a bike but I Go The Distance everyday! I swim like a fish because a teacher from EPIC taught me to swim. I fly around an ice skating rink because teachers from EPIC taught me to skate. Teaching a person with autism is not easy and takes a lot of patience, talent and dedication. I Go The Distance each and every day - just not on wheels - and you can count up the miles I have traveled because of my awesome teachers at EPIC. 

Of course, donate only if you this does not cause you any financial hardship.  But if you can, thank you for helping us to Go the Distance for Autism.  

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