Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Professional Studies in New Media

So, back in 2010 I agreed to develop a new program for Fordham University's newly renamed School of Professional and Continuing Studies.  The program is called Professional Studies in New Media, it draws on courses offered by our business school, as well the Department of Computer Science and Information Science, and my own Department of Communication and Media Studies.  

So I prepared the curriculum, which also incorporated some new courses with the PSNM designation, working with Dean Isabelle Frank, and getting feedback from other faculty, and it made it through the gauntlet of administrative hurdles, and received approval from New York State in the fall.  And I was appointed Director of the new program.

The program is being piloted at Fordham's Westchester campus—did you know Fordham has a Westchester campus?—which is near White Plains, in West Harrison, NY, at 400 Westchester Road. And while it was approved this year, the approval came too late to get the program really underway, so its official launch is 2012/2013 school year.  Being part of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies, it's an undergraduate degree for students who never got a BA or BS, or did some work towards the degree but never completed it.  

I think it's a great opportunity for individuals looking to get up to speed and get a background in an area where employments opportunities exist, and are on the rise.  I know there's also great interest in a certificate program, and that should be next on the agenda, but first we want to get this program on the way.  So, if you know of anyone who wants or needs a Bachelors, please let them know.

You can check out the program on the program page on Fordham's website.  Here's some of the write-up:

From surfing the web to social networking to smart phones, we live and work in a world shaped by online communications, electronic media, and digital devices. The media industries in this area are expanding rapidly, and every business and organization today needs individuals who understand the new media environment, and know how to keep up with emerging trends and innovations in this ever-evolving landscape.
The page has a Link to Curriculum that I developed.  I should add that the site itself needs some tweaking, but all of the essential information is up there.

And that includes out upcoming launch event, in celebration of this new program. It's coming up fast, this Thursday evening in fact, so please take note!

In case the information isn't clearly visible, you can access the flyer from the box on the lower right of the program page by clicking on it (it will be removed after the event of course).  But the basic information is:

  • The event is free and open to all
  • There will be refreshments served (that's a biggie, I know)
  • We'll have a panel discussion on Working With New Media
  • I'll be the moderator and the panelists will include
  • Constantin Basturea, Vice-President for Strategy at the social media agency Converseon
  • Robin Colner, President and Founder of the digital marketing firm, DigiStar Media
  • Chris S. Cornell, Social Media Director at the public relations firm, Thompson & Bender
  • Paull Young, Director of Digital Engagement at the nonprofit organization, charity: water
  • The event will run from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
  • And once again, it's Fordham University on 400 Westchester Avenue in West Harrison, NY

And there you have it, please help us spread the word about the program, and I hope to see you on Thursday evening!

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