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Korzybski and I

Some of you may note the allusion in the title of this post, Korzybski and I, to the play and movie, the King and I. The similarity extends beyond both forms of special K, as you can see:

Alfred Korzybski
Yul Brynner

Of course, Alfred Korzybski passed away before I was born, so I had no chance to know the man, but I know his work, and have been influenced by his writings and ideas, most notably his general semantics. And as some of you may know, I served as Executive Director of the Institute of General Semantics for 3 years, from 2008 to 2011.

So, this past December, I was invited to join the Board of Trustees of the IGS, and accepted. And it occurs to me that I never got around to adding a post about the anthology I co-edited with Corey Anton, who is presently Vice-President of the IGS. The volume, entitled Korzybski And..., was published in 2012 by the IGS, so this is more than a little overdue. 

You may have noticed the Amazon order links for the book over on the left, though, and here they are again:

But no doubt you'd like a little more information about what's in the book, and that's perfectly understandable, so here are the contents:


Chapter 1: Situating Alfred Korzybski
                Corey Anton and Lance Strate

Chapter 2: Korzybski and Gottfried Leibniz
                Bruce I. Kodish

Chapter 3: Korzybski and Friedrich Nietzsche
                Zhenbin Sun

Chapter 4: Korzybski and Charles Sanders Peirce
                Isaac E. Catt

Chapter 5: Korzybski and Martin Heidegger
                Corey Anton

Chapter 6: Korzybski and French Structuralism
                Jean-Yves Heurtebise

Chapter 7: Korzybski and Stuart Chase
                William Henry Sharp

Chapter 8: Korzybski and S. I. Hayakawa
                William Henry Sharp

Chapter 9: Korzybski and Albert Ellis
                Martin H. Levinson

Chapter 10: Korzybski and New Trends in Psychotherapy
                  Ramiro J. Álvarez

Chpater 11: Korzybski and Marshall McLuhan
                  Lance Strate

Chapter 12: Korzybski and Cultural Studies
                  Geraldine E. Forsberg

Chapter 13: Korzybski and New Visual Language
                  John S. Caputo, Robin Wynyard & Heather M. Crandall

Chapter 14: Korzybski and Cartography
                  Bini B.S.

Chapter 15: Korzybski and Cyberculture
                  Thierry Bardini

Chapter 16: Korzybski and...
                  Deborah Eicher-Catt

About the Authors 

 It's an interesting and diverse group of essays, one that leaves lots of room for follow-up at some point in the future. And herein ends my little exercise in what Korzybski referred to as time-binding.

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