Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Panamericana Visit

So, back in March, I was brought down to Mexico City to do some talking at Universidad Panamericana, a charming campus in the heart of the city. And in this post, I mostly want to share some images from that visit. Let's start with the main bit of publicity:

Don't speak Spanish? Don't worry, neither do I, but I think you can see that I spoke on the topic of violence and media, a topic assigned to me by my host, with a subtitle making reference to the future of the nation-state of Mexico. The talked was billed as a "master class" although it might be more accurate to refer to it as a three-day lecture series, and it was sponsored by both the communication and philosophy faculty at Panamericana U. Of course, my talk was all about media ecology, which is what my host, Professor Laura Trujillo, a McLuhan scholar in her own right, wanted.

One of the jumping off points for my lectures was my article, "The Fall of Nations: The Fate of Social Systems in the New Media Environment," published online in the Brazilian journal E-Compós (also published in Portuguese translation as "A Queda das Nações: O Destino dos Sistemas Sociais no Novo Ambiente Midiático"). I also drew on posts I had written regarding Hannah Arendt's views on violence as they relate to media ecology, which originally appeared here on Blog Time Passing in four parts: Violence and Technology, Violence and Power, Violence and Identity, and Violence and Unity. At the request of the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College, these posts were merged into one single essay and posted on their blog under the title of "Violence, Power, Technology, and Identity" (which I then commented on in a post here on Blog Time Passing entitled, Arendt Come Due).

Oh, and the lectures were sponsored by Cátedra Carlos Llano, that's why it gets the big print. According to another one of my hosts, Fernando Galindo, Carlos Llano was a Spanish-Mexican philosopher, one of the founders of the Universidad Panamericana. and its first President. He also founded Panamericana's IPADE-Business School, and the magazine Istmo. The endowment for the master class was set up, after he passed away, by Panamericana and IPADE, I was the third lecturer in this series, and the first to be cosponsored by the Communication Department.

Anyway, here are some images from the lecture series:

And here's a cool little student news video they made. It's mostly in Spanish, but my comments are in English of course:

While I was there, I also gave an additional public lecture for alumni and other guests on the topic of media ecology. Here I am with the poster for that event, alone, and with my host Laura Trujillo:

As you can see, it also served as a plug for the Media Ecology Association. Anyway, those are the before images, and here's the aftermath:

So I gave four lectures over three days, and if you think I look a little tired in some of the pictures, that may be why. But I never seem to get tired of talking about media ecology. Moreover, my hosts were truly gracious, and the opportunity to engage in dialogue and share ideas was simply wonderful. I am grateful to have had the chance to visit, make new friends, and spread the message about studying the medium.

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