Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mandarin McLuhan and Media Ecology

So, it's time to get back to the old blogging board, and long past time to let you know about a book I published last year. It was a bit different from the other books I've published, as you can no doubt detect from the books title:


And just in case your ability to decode the Chinese logographic writing system has gotten a little bit rusty, that translates to

McLuhan and Media Ecology

And now, before you get the impression that I am anything other than a typical monolingual American, let me assure you that I did not write the book in Mandarin. The translator was Hu Julan, who is also on the faculty of Henan University, where I have been a guest, and the book is published by Henan University Press. Here is what it looks like:

There's a nice view of it on this Chinese website where it's being sold, and here's a link to it's Amazon.cn page. And I don't know if it will work right, but I also see it strangely appearing after scrolling down a little on this Amazon.cn page, mixed in with a random assortment of products.

Of course, you can find it on a number of other sides as well. The cover is kinda small on this one, there's a really interesting effect when you scroll over the cover on this one, and then there' a funny version on this one, let me see if I can get it on here:

But as we all know, you can get anything you want on the original American Amazon's restaurant, and just in case you want to purchase a copy here in the good old USA, here you go:

*** 麦克卢汉与媒介生态学 (McLuhan and Media Ecology) ***

I also want to make it clear that this is a new book, not a translation of a book that was already published in the English language. It is an original collection of essays, some of which you may have read elsewhere. In case you're wondering what you're missing out on, assuming you can't written Chinese, here's the contents:

Introduction to McLuhan and Media Ecology

Media Ecology and the Legacy of McLuhan

The Medium and McLuhan's Message

Korzybski and McLuhan

The Effects that Give Cause, and the Pattern That Directs

McLuhan and New Media

Counting Electric Sheep: Understanding Information in the Context of Media Ecology

The Fall of Nations: The Fate of Social Systems in the New Media Environment

On the Binding Biases of Time

Heroes and/as Communication

Drugs: The Intensions of Humanity

Narcissism and Echolalia: Sense and the Struggle for the Self

And there you have it, my first foray into Chinese book publishing. And not my last, as translation is already underway for another collection. I'll keep you posted!

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