Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quandaries and Anniversaries

Here's a picture of me with former FCC Commissioner Nicholas Johnson, taken at the World in Quandaries Symposium held at Fordham University on September 8, 2006, which I helped to organize. In addition to celebrating the 8th Anniversary of the founding of the Media Ecology Association, and the 60th of the New York Society for General Semantics, we also honored the 60th anniversary of the publication of People in Quandaries: The Semantics of Personal Adjustment which was written by Wendell Johnson, Nick's father, and is perhaps the best book every written on general semantics, and required reading in Neil Postman's media ecology graduate program. Nicholas Johnson's website contains links to the text of his keynote address at the symposium, "General Semantics and War: From World War II to Iraq," as well as a Wendell Johnson memorial. And Fordham's news service did a nice write up on the event as well.

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