Saturday, May 5, 2007

Curses, Blogged Again!

Bob Blechman's blog (try saying that 10 times fast), A Model Media Ecologist, which is in many ways a sister blog to this one--wait a minute, is it okay to say sister blog? I know we talk about other Jesuit institutions being Fordham's sister schools, but there's a long-standing tradition of doing so, and alma mater means bountiful or nourishing mother, after all, so schools are coded as feminine. Are blogs gendered? Based on what I've read of Lewis Mumford and Camille Paglia, I think we could view them as such. Are they feminine? Perhaps there is a sense in which they are bountiful and nourishing, a fertile womb waiting to be inseminated by the ideas contained within these posts. Am I getting in trouble here?

Okay, so brother Bob Blechman, a fellow member of the fraternal order of bloggists, Blogga Buncha Posts--ßßπ for all you pledges
(with apologies to ßΘπ)--no wait, this is getting problematic, isn't it?

Bob Blechman, in a recent post entitled, Had I But World Enough, and Time, This Blogging, Lady, Were No Crime, wrote

One thing I've discovered about blogging is that, to be done effectively you have to do it often. If you don't post frequently, you aren't really serious about being a blogger. One problem is that posting takes time and something original to say, both of which I have little.

This doesn't seem to be a problem for other bloggers, like my friend Lance Strate over at his eponymous Lance Strate's Blog Time Passing, where he seems to be able to post something new and interesting almost daily. I can only assume that he has abandoned his other responsibilities and devoted himself almost entirely to his blog. (It's an addiction Lance. You can get help!)

So, first I want to reassure Bob that I am ok, I can quit anytime I want to, and if all else fails, I've got some Blogotine Gum™ to get me through the rough patches.

As far as blogging early and often is concerned, as a serious bloggist--and we must insist on being addressed as bloggists to be taken seriously, after all, who would respect a journaler, or pay one a six figure salary to read headlines on TV?)--as a serious bloggist, I have addressed the subject in my seventh post, dated March 12th (seems like another lifetime ago), entitled
The Medium Motivates the Content. I will let that entry speak for itself (speak, blog, speak!).

But Bob is not satisfied with commenting on the frequency (what is the frequency, Kenneth?) of my posts. He also says that they're interesting!



Come on now, Bob, we all know about the Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times. So you're saying that my blog is cursed, now are you?

Does this mean war? Blog Wars? Blog, I am your fodder!

World War Blog? Marvel Comics has a storyline called "World War Hulk" in which the Hulk is tricked
into entering a spacecraft that takes him away from Earth to somewhere, far, far away, where he meets a bunch of aliens, becomes a kind of gladiator in an arena, leads a rebellion, becomes the king (shades of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian and Kull the Conqueror), brings peace and prosperity to his new planet, and finds love and fulfillment, only to have his new home destroyed when that spacecraft that exiled him blows up, so now he's coming back home to Earth and, payback, this time it's for real.

So, Blog, Smash!

Wait, I've got it, the ultimate revenge:

Bob, I think your blog is very interesting too.

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Robert K. Blechman said...

You say tomatoist and I say tomatoer. Actually, I do like the appellation "bloggist" betterer.

Let me assure you that I meant nothing disrespectful by the term “interesting.” If anything, the image that comes to mind is from the old Rowen and Martin’s Laugh-In, where Arte Johnson, dressed as a German solder, peeks from behind a bush, puffs on his cigarette and says “Verrrry interesting!” The implication is that there is something suspicious going on, but he’s on top of it.

If bloggisting is addictive, perhaps blog reading is like peeking from behind a bush to find something verrrry interesting. The German helmet is optional.

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