Monday, May 7, 2007

Two of the Faces of Autism

As a follow-up of sorts to my previous post, One of the Faces of Autism, here is a picture of my daughter standing behind one of her classmates. Both girls attend a specialized school for children with autism where they receive much-needed one-on-one therapy and education. Unfortunately, schools that give these children what they need are few and far between.

The photo was taken by my wife at their after school activity, dance lessons (the class also consists of three typical girls who serve as peers/role models). Sarah loves music and dance, so this class makes her very happy.

You may notice that both girls are wearing COSAC sweatshirts. COSAC is The New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community, and if you click on the link, you'll go to their home page, and right on top you'll see a photograph depicting members of the autism community. Actually, one of several pictures will come up randomly, so if you keep reloading the page, eventually you'll see that same photo of my daughter and her friend.

COSAC's big annual conference is coming up soon, May 17-19, and my wife is giving a talk, for the second year in a row, about tips for going on vacation, and especially, on going to Disney theme parks (a topic that's she's an expert on, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, even if you are going with typical kids, or without kids at all).

And even though Autism Awareness Month is over, my son's page for COSAC will stay up for a while longer.

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