Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shuffling Off to Buffalo

Sorry to have been quiet on here for so long, dear blog, I promise to pick up the pace of my posts soon. Right now, though, I'm getting ready to fly up to Buffalo, New York in a few days to give a public lecture about Neil Postman in general, and specifically his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death. First, I'll be meeting with a small group of honors students for a seminar discussion about Neil. Here's what the poster for that looks like:

And now this, the poster for the big lecture:

This second one is open to the public, so anyone in the area who might be interested is very welcome to attend.

Last weekend, I participated in a general semantics symposium, and I will blog about that, with pictures, after the dust settles.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, Lance. Has the dust settled yet? :-) These lectures sound great! Was there a Q&A afterwards? How did it go? I use Neil's Amusing Ourselves to Death in a special topics course I teach. The students love it. He is so accessible.

I look forward to your comments.
Waiting in West Palm,