Sunday, November 9, 2008

Programming the Korzybski Lecture and Symposium

So, I've been working on this event for the Institute of General Semantics, and we're less than a week away, so I wanted to share the program with you. It can also be downloaded as a PDF from here: (and there's still room if you want to register for the dinner before the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture), just go to the bottom of the page where it says:

Schedule of Events

For the schedule of events for the weekend, click here. (or you can just click there for that matter).

I am very pleased, I should add, with the design and layout of the program, which was done by Fordham graduate student Pamela Miller, who is helping me out with various IGS matters. Thanks, Pam!

I should add that the events have several co-sponsors, including the Media Ecology Association, and Fordham University, not to mention the New York Society for General Semantics.

And so, without further ado about nothing in particular, here it is, take a look, I think it looks pretty good, the program and the event itself. You can click on each page to get a larger view, and you can download the PDF of course, and if you actually come to the event, you can get a nice print version of the program, to keep!!!

And so we end with the man himself, old Alfred the K., (null)A-K-(null)A Count Korzybski, the Father of General Semantics (I know that calling a founder "the father" is not politically correct anymore, but it seems to fit with the whole aristocratic image).

I do think (and certainly hope) that if he could look down and see what's going on with the Institute of General Semantics these days, he'd be pleased with what we're doing with the place.


Bruce I. Kodish said...

Lance and Pamela, You've Done A Beautiful Job!

robbwindow said...

Looks like a good line up, I trust it went well. Look forward to reading Lance what your symposium achieved, no pressure though I don't know much of Korzbski's work. Not to worry though I could also say that about my favourite authors.