Monday, December 29, 2008

Interconnections, Make No Bones About It!

So, there's nothing new to the idea of convergence and the internetworkings of the computer/cyberspaced/digital age, as various types of hardware, such as the personal computer, laptop, PDA, and mobile phone interconnect, along with various types of software, especially those that make up the Web 2.0/social networking/social media revolution, including blogs such as this one, and services such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc., etc.

But when you can say the same old thing in a new and entertaining way, that's always a big plus! And so, without further ado, as part of the really big shoe (if you don't know about Ed Sullivan, never mind) that this blog represents, and now this:

I just loved that, didn't you? And in the spirit of the song, this video appears on YouTube under the heading of LEAN MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE "Dem Phones" by CandleMusicLondon. It came to my attention via a Google Alert on the term "media ecology" because it appeared on a blog entitled The Ideas Bazaar written by an anthropologist named Simon Roberts, with whom I am otherwise unfamiliar. He in turn notes that he got the video from another blog, which he provides the link for, Memex 1.1, written by John Naughton, a professor of technology and computing, with whom I am otherwise unfamiliar. And Naughton credits someone named Charles Arthur for spotting the video, but provides no link, and that's about as far as I'm prepapred to research the matter. So that's pretty much it.

Oh, and no, I don't have an iphone.

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