Thursday, May 6, 2010

Word High

You may remember me mentioning Peter Schmideg from my previous posts, This is Not An Animation! (Or Is It?), and Dualities.  For some time now he's been experimenting with computer animation as an art form, mostly through gifs, but lately branching out into Flash animations.

So, his latest creation is a Flash animation based on a poem I posted on MySpace earlier this year, called "Word High" (what can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time).  Like a number of my poems, it involves wordplay, starting with a play on semantics (in this instance, not so much general semantics as a more specific variety), and linguistics.   So, I suppose I might as well share it with you here on Blog Time Passing as well:

Word High

Some antics
make 'im grin, or grim, but would a
gram mar
'is thinkin'? Would the wages of
sin tax
'im so very utterly? Indeed,
sin own 'im,
rest his soul.
Ant own 'im,
and bug, and worm. Remember when 'e
ate a mole? Oh, gee!
And you sez,
Dick, shun Aries!
Rambo's a bad sign!
And I sez, 'e can't 'ear us, 'e's
deaf. Finishin'
it all up, so get in that fancy
vogue cab. You leery?
Don't be!
Thus, soar us,
ever higher, never mind you shootin' up that
morph—holy geez,
man! Listen to the
phone, it ticks,
it taps. Don't
dial, Alex,
it's too risky, man! They'll have the
ax sent
over, and then... kaput! That's just how the
English languish

Well, okay, I never said it was anything for you to shake a spear at, just a bit of light verse, spot of fun, bowl of chip chips and cheerios, and all that tommy rot.

But in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons (or is it a mountain out of a molehill?), Peter has turned this bit of tomfoolery into a work of art, so please, go check it out, like, right now:

Note that Peter has dedicated this animation to Steve Jobs, which I think is great, and if Steve happens to like what he sees, I expect to be handsomely rewarded by Apple, Inc.  I think a grant or fellowship might be in order, at the very least.  Until then, let me recommend browsing through Peter's Illumination Gallery for some animation high, and then meet me back here later for some more word high time passing.

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