Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Subversive Thinking in Casinoville

In my last post, Meet Me in Atlantic City, from way back back back a week ago, I mentioned haow I'd be speaking this past weekend at the SOCON conference being held at the Trump Taj Mahal (and no, I didn't gamble, but I did take in the boardwalk). They made up a pretty neat graphic for my talk on their website, so I took a screen shot of it to include here on Blog Time Passing:

And they videotaped the proceedings, including my talk. It was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by Art Gelwicks under the title of Dr. Lance Strate - Hitchhiker's Guide to Subversive Thinking. I'll include it here as well, but I have to warn you that the sound is not at all good. You may well find it unlistenable (is that a word? I'm not getting a red line underneath it, so it must be... who knew?), but just in case you can tolerate it or maybe are able to lip read, I'm including it here:

My thanks to KrisTen "K10" Slevin for inviting me to speak, and to her, Art, Charles Barouch, and all the rest for organizing the conference. Hopefully, this will be the start of an ongoing series of events for a long time to come!


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