Thursday, October 2, 2014

On Binding Biases for General Semantics

So, this coming Monday, October 6, I'll be doing my "On the Binding Biases of Time" talk for the New York Society for General Semantics.

The NYSGS is offering free membership to anyone interested in joining them, and the event itself is free of any registration or admission charge, so come one, come all.

Here's my brief description of the talk:

A talk about Alfred Korzybski and the concept of time-binding, and Harold Innis and the concept of time bias, on general semantics and media ecology, on human culture and human progress, on our relationship to the past, present and future, on where we've been and where we're going.

The event begins at 7 PM, and it will be held at The Albert Ellis Institute, 145 East 32nd Street, 9th Floor, New York, New York 10016.

As you may know, the talk is based on, and originally was the basis of the title essay of my book, On the Binding Biases of Time and Other Essays on General Semantics and Media Ecology.  

Ironically, this will be the first time that I give this talk at an event sponsored by an organization devoted to general semantics. I first gave the talk as a keynote address at a New York State Communication Association conference, and also presented it at a meeting of the Media Ecology Association, and as public lectures at Grand Valley State University and St. Mary's College. I look forward to an encore performance here in New York City, to an audience schooled in general semantics.

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