Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh, What a Blog!

It figures! Not long after I published the last post, I received an e-mail from Fernando Gutiérrez informing me of some of his blog entries about the convention. But first, I neglected to mention in the previous post that Peter Fallon's photos can be found on his blog, which has three entries about the MEA convention:

Watch for Dr. Fallon on a Webcast Friday Evening

The Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology 2007

The Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book in the Field of Media Ecology 2007 -- Some Pictures from the Awards Ceremony

And now then, here are Fernando's blog entries:

Media Ecology en “El Universal”

This one features a scanned image of the "Society" page of El Universal, one of Mexico's major papers (like our New York Times or Washington Post), p. A14 in fact (that's the first section of the newspaper), dated June 7th, and the entire page is devoted to the MEA convention. Here's the image:

The top photo shows the president of El Universal speaking, with Fernando just to the right of him, and Thom Gencarelli to the right of Fernando. I'm the farthest to the left in the second group on the stage. In the photo below, there's the president of El Universal again on the left, flanking the Governor of the state of Mexico, and holding up the rear, just to the right of the president you can see part of my head. And, as you can see, there's an article devoted to me below, as well as one on the first featured speaker, Alejandro Piscitelli from Argentina, who is also the focus of Fernando's next post:
Media Ecology en “El Centro”
and our keynote speaker, Eric McLuhan, is the subject of
Eric McLuhan’s latest work: Foreword is Forearmed

This is followed by a lengthy listing/linking of online references to the convention, mostly from the Spanish-language media:
Notas sobre la Octava Convención Anual de la Media Ecology Association
There are a number of quotes from my welcoming remarks, but I've already included them in a previous post, so if you want to check on the Spanish translation-quotation, just click on the link. Fernando also lists blog entries, including this one from Piscitelli:

La web 2.0 revive en Atizapan de Zaragoza, Estado de Mexico
and he's got a nice shot of the stage:

And there's another link entitled
Media Ecology Association en Imágenes
meaning, MEA in Images, which includes some of the photos I included in the last entry, and also this one from the opening ceremony:

Here's the Governor:

And here I am:

Now, here are a couple of nice shots of Jay David Bolter:

and one of Jay together with Katherine Hayles:

Fernando also has a post analyzing the audience for the streaming video that they made available through the convention website:
Estadísticas de la transmisión OnLine de la Octava Convención Anual de la Media Ecology Association
and a post containing another set of images:
Octava Convención Anual de la Media Ecology Association en Imágenes
Again, some of the images I already included in a previous post. One I didn't include is this shot of the convention swag that Tech gave out:

But better yet, here's one from our trip to the pyramids of Teotihuacan. That's me in the NY Mets cap, hyperventilating from the climb, with Ellen Rose on the left and Robert Francos looking terribly sheik on the right:

and just to give you a sense of proportion, Fernando also had a picture of the Pyramid of the Sun which we climbed to the top:

This doesn't entirely get across the enormity of it, or the difficulty of climbing the steep, uneven steps, but it's a start.

Anyway, Fernando further posts
Comments about the Eighth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association
mostly from the MEA listserv, followed by
Web Stats de la Octava Convención Anual de la Media Ecology Association
showing all the hits we had. And while this predates the convention, here's Fernando's picture from his blog:

Which gives me the opportunity to say:

Thank You, Fernando!!!


Dr. Fallon said...

Great stuff, Lance.

Happy Father's Day.

Lance Strate said...

Thanks, and likewise.