Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh, What, More Mexico?!

Got some more images and sounds from MEA@Mexico to share. First, a couple of photographs, courtesy of Ellen Rose (thank you, Ellen!). These are from a new archaeological site at Teotihuacán, at a little bit of a distance from the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. It's only one level up, whereas the main pyramids are several levels high, so this serves as a good test, because if you have trouble doing this one, it'll be much worse going up the big ones. On the other hand, it gives you a chance to get used to pyramid climbing (which I think would have made for a great aerobic workout tape back in the day when those things were big, where's Jane Fonda when you need her?). Anyway, this first photo features Thom Gencarelli, Janet Sternberg, and me, in front of the site:

This second Ellen took for a distance, but that's Thom dancing on top of the site:

And now this. Seems Bob Blechman was able to capture some of the streaming video from the convention, and upload it to a YouTube-like site that doesn't impose the same limitations on length or file-size. On this first one, Bob seems to have gotten some of the opening ceremony, not me (sadly) or the Governor, but following the first round of welcomes (including Thom's), there was a video being shown which he comes in on the middle of, and some additional welcomes, etc. from the morning of Wednesday, June 6:

MEA 8th Convention June 6 #1 from Robert K. Blechman on Vimeo

And second, he captured some of the plenary sessions on the evening of Friday, June 8th, coming in after the start of Eric McLuhan's Keynote Address, continuing through the Awards Ceremony, and into my President's Address (happily):

MEA 8th Convention Friday Night from Robert K. Blechman on Vimeo

So, thank you Bob, and blog on, dude!

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Anonymous said...

With all that Media Ecology talk I forgot about the pyramids! You're very blessed!