Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So, today I am sending this dispatch from the same locale as yesterday. Earlier today, I did a colloquium at the University of Colorado, Boulder, on "Narcissism and Echolalia; Communication and the Construction of the Self," which was on communication, sense perception, media ecology, culture, the self, and autism. An expanded version can be found in Part II of my book, ECHOES AND REFLECTIONS: ON MEDIA ECOLOGY AS A FIELD OF STUDY.

Once again, I'm not sure if this information is blog-worthy, but it will be a long time before we can get a handle on blogism. In the meantime, it occurs to me that if blogging is to be known as blogism, then bloggers ought to be called blogists. I think that's a much more dignified title, don't you? Kind of like the difference between the common designation of educator, and the rare use of the term educationist.

Let it be heard throughout the blogosphere, then. Say it loud and say it proud:

I am a blogist.

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