Friday, March 16, 2007

The Only Thing to Blog is Blogging Itself

Robert K. Blechman is one of the brightest, and wittiest media ecologists I know (and media ecologists tend to be the brightest, and wittiest people I know). Bob's blog (say that 10x fast) is called A Model Media Ecologist and is well worth checking out. In a recent (3/10/07) post, he wrote:

I've added two prominent Media Ecologists to my list of "other blog sites." Both Paul Levinson and Lance Strate are among the original founders of the Media Ecology Association and many-times published authors. Both are public intellectuals who champion the Media Ecological approach to media analysis and social commentary.

I will skip over Bob's comments about Paul Levinson, both out of fear of being accused of copyright infringement by going beyond fair use, and also with the intent of composing a post about Paul later on. But I do want to paste in Bob's comments about me, in part because this blog, being an exercise in narcissism, is all about me, me, me, and also, just to say how very flattered I am by what he has to say (and how much I appreciate his good words):

Lance Strate is new to blogging, and states in Lance Strate's Blog Time Passing that "The Unexamined Blog is Not Worth Blogging." Well, maybe. Lance comments that blogging may be the highest form of narcissism, and while I tend to agree, I wish I had said it first on my blog. Anyone who has read my blog regularly (Hi Mom!), knows already that I take my narcissism very seriously.

Lance's most recent writing (outside of blogging) is
Echoes and Reflections: On Media Ecology As a Field of Inquiry. Using the echo as a metaphor for all media, but also as a window into the thought processes involved in autism, Lance lays deep foundations for the study of Media Ecology, and any regular readers of this site (Hi Mom!) would profit by a reading. If you don't have the time to read it at the moment, I recommend buying it anyway.

There you have it folks, a most excellent testimonial by the Model Media Ecologist himself! And Bob has added the following update:

Update: By posting these comments I in no way oblige Paul or Lance to cross-link to this blog. No, not at all. Really.

Thanks, Bob. I had a good laugh over that. There's probably no way to convince you now (classic double bind strategy you've employed), but I had intended to do so anyway. I haven't added the links on the side yet, but I will do that too in the near future.

Now here's the thing. Having quoted Bob in this blog entry, will Bob now quote this blog entry in a new post on his blog? And if he does, and I respond in kind, and so on, when will it all end? The only thing to fear is the blogging of blogging itself.

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