Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Blimp Lampoonos Sopranos

So, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. That is, I thought I was done with the Sopranos, at least for the time being, having posted a number of times on the series here on this blog. But one of my informants (you know, someone who flipped for the feds and is wearing a wire and all) has informed me of the following information, which is that one of my previous posts on the subject, Sopranos Second Coming, has been hoisted, or rather has been included as link in a post on another blog.

Now it's not like this has never happened before, mind you. It's happened once or twice, here or there. But this one is different. For one, the post only consists of the link, so I have no idea why whoever did this did this. Not that I am anything but flattered--wait a minute, did that come out right? Yes, I am flattered, but also flabbergasted, or at least mildly confused.

But also, there only appears to have been one post before this one on this newly created blog here at blogspot, and so far only one more afterwards. Actually, the blog seems incomplete right now, and maybe they'll take it down or delete the post with the link to my blog, but the name of their blog may be The Blimp, it's not entirely clear, but the initial post says:

Welcome to The Blimp Network!

The forum to express yourself freely...

visit our website at:

And then there's the second post with the link to my post:

and then, another post that says:

We have launched TheBlimp.Net!!!

Featured in this month's article is the story on Michael Moore, Halliburton headline, the Real Sopranos ending, and a feature on Microsoft's response to Apple's iPhone. We are in process of publishing the 2nd issue, so don't miss out on the 1st edition!! We are also integrating a blog into our site for comments on the articles. It is fun to join in The Blimp commentary!

So, I went over to the main site for The Blimp, which is listed as part of the National Lampoon Humor Network. Now, I read the National Lampoon magazine religiously back when I was in college, and for many years afterwards. But what exactly is their humor network, I wondered? Well, thank Google, I found the business site for the National Lampoon Humor Network, where it says

Welcome to the National Lampoon Humor Network!

The First Ever Online Comedy Community!

Consisting of innovative, smart and clever humor sites, our affiliate-based web initiative boasts an extensive internet audience, giving a highly visible platform for upcoming creative talent while providing a powerful marketing campaign tool for companies.

Then, they have separate links for comedy publishers interested in affiliating (boy, I would have loved this 25 years ago!), for prospective advertisers, and for their affiliate members. So, anyway, that answers my question. So, The Blimp isn't the National Lampoon, just an affiliate. Fine, but are they funny?

Well, the home page looks like the front page of a newspaper, that's pretty funny, well, not really in and of itself. But let's get down to brass knuckles, the real test case, what do they have on The Sopranos?

Well, actually, it turns out they have some videos listed on that page, the first one being, "The Real Sopranos Ending (Caution: Adult Language)." And of course, as I demonstrated in a previous post, the Sopranos series finale makes for great comedic fodder, or should I say grand fodder, or just, oh, god fodder (sorry about that one, slipped through).

So, anyway, I checked it out and yeah! This is good! Definitely a funny take, definitely blog worthy. And they even have the code, like YouTube and similar sites, to embed the video here. Which is what I tried to do, but it doesn't seem to work right. I'm leaving it here, right below, just so you can see, but also in case they fix it (or if the code needs to be changed and they let me know about it, I'll correct it here).

A bit of a faux pas, I'd say, but hey, they're new, bugs are to be expected. And they also provide a direct link to their page, so you can head on over and check out the video directly (and tell me what you think in the comments section of this blog, if you care to, and don't worry, I didn't make this video, I'm not invested in this site, I'm looking for honest opinions only). Anyway, here's the link:

So, whadyathink? Feggedaboutit? Hey, back in the day, they probably would have launched a Saturday morning animated Sopranos show, with Tony's crew solving mysteries in North Jersey and playing a song as a band at the end of every episode. Or maybe they already did an animated Sopranos, on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming, but called it Aqua Teen Hunger Force?

Anyway, funny coincidence, today I saw a blimp, and a whole lot of hot-air balloons, but I'll save that for another blog. For now, good luck to The Blimp, hope you guys have a Good Year!

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