Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello, Marilú Sends More Mexico Photos

I recently received an e-mail from another friend from Mexico, Marilu Casas, who is a distinguished faculty member at Monterrey Tech's Cuernavaca campus, and she forwarded some pictures to me from the MEA convention taken by Jimena Batchelet. Thank you Jimena, and Marilu, and without further ado, here they are:

and one with Eric McLuhan:

and a very interesting shot of Marilu asking a question at one of the plenary sessions:

and here's a couple with Paul Grosswiler in the back, Phil Rose, and me:

Another shot of Eric, from his Keynote:

And Jay David Bolter doing his featured presentation:

Now, a couple of shots of the McLuhan plenary panel with, from left to right, Octavio Islas, Eric, Phil Marchand, Bob Logan, Julie Newton, and Paul Lippert:

And now, this one is from the Postman plenary panel, with Thom Gencarelli, Casey Lum, Sue Barnes, Bob Albrecht, Fernando Gutiérrez, and Janet Sternberg:

And to top it all off, some more photographs from the opening ceremonies:

And if it looks like I'm uncomfortable, well, I was. I'd much rather be doing stand up, than sit down.

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