Sunday, July 1, 2007

Seizure Synchronicity

Here's an update on my daughter's condition, which I discussed in yesterday's post. She is still in the hospital, still hooked up for an EEG, looking like a little old lady wearing a robe and her head bandaged up to keep her from pulling the wires out. My wife has been staying with her, and there's been a bunch of visitors today. No seizure activity has been detected since she's been admitted, although the neurologist told my wife this morning that they did detect some abnormalities, which is to be expected after a seizure, and which, I suppose, confirms that she did have a seizure at home yesterday, as we were not 100% sure since we didn't witness it. But nothing more specific than that. And my daughter seems to be pretty much back to her old self, although it's hard to tell in that situation. She did say that she wants to go home.

As my son and I were leaving, walking through the lobby of the children's building, we ran into in his old Little League coach, who is also the father of an autistic child. In fact, his son played baseball with my daughter in the Challenger League, a division of Little League set up especially for children with disabilities, whose season was recently concluded, and which was a great success I might add. And as it turns out, his son had a seizure on Thursday night, and was also hooked up to an EEG monitor! As I mentioned in my last post, this has been hitting a number of children in my daughter's general age group, the onset of puberty being the main correlation.

But, thinking about happier times, here are some pictures my wife took of my daughter playing at Challenger League games. In this first one, she's out in front in the orange T-shirt, posing with her teammates:

And here she is in the field:

She loved the idea of playing baseball, but was not very happy about the hot and humid weather we were having at time. Anyway, here she is up to bat:

And running the bases with the wonderful young volunteer who was serving as her shadow:

And coming home, I hope it's soon:


John said...

I hope she gets to come home soon as well. All the best.

Lance Strate said...

Thanks, John.