Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Look at the McLuhan Book Signing

I have some more photos to share from the Media @ the Center Marshall McLuhan Centenary Symposium at Fordham University, held on September 17.   As you may recall from previous posts, Eric McLuhan gave a keynote address based on the new book by Marshall and Eric McLuhan, Media and Formal Cause (which can be purchased via the widget over on the right), and that was followed by a book signing.

Fordham alum and GreenPeace pioneer Elmer Brunsman send in a picture he took, which I posted a few days ago (see Elmer Sent Them), and turnabout being fair play, here are some shots of Elmer himself at the signing, talking to Eric McLuhan,

and Andrew McLuhan

and here are some more scenes from the signing...

And here's Eric with the Media and Formal Cause book prominently displayed

and all together now!

And that's all folks, for now...

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