Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Quenya Inklings

So, not long after I posted the Tengwar transliteration of the Quenya translation of "The Ten Commandments" poem of mine, Rodger was at it again. This time he's translated another poem I posted on my MySpace poetry blog, Lance Strate's BlogVersed, this one called Inklings of the Hidden Realm. It's a poem about Tolkien's elves, and about the folks who have found a serious path to spirituality though Tolkien's elven mythology (there are some links pertaining to this in the comments section on the original post of the poem, which you can get to by clicking on the poem title above). So, here is the original poem accompanied by Rodger's Quenya translation:

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Lisa Allen MH said...

We absolutely LOVE this Lance!! I thought I commented but it might have been when all of this was on MySpace haha :-) Pinned on Pinterest and to be shared with our community! (Calantirniel)